How Do I Book

You can either call 0408 186 282 to reserve a session or fill out the form on our 'Contact Us' Page with details. Alternatively, follow the Sign Up/Log In link to reserve online.


How Do I Reserve Online?

Follow These steps to reserve online:

1. Click Sign Up on the homepage of this website

2. Fill in the Sign Up details ensuring you remember your username and password and hit sign up

3. Log into your account using the details you created

4. Sign your waiver and hit accept

5. Click Reserve Now and select how many people you are booking for and which session

6. Click 'Solo No Group'. For casual sessions, payment is made on the day.


Do I Need to Pay a Deposit?

Any session for 10 people or under does not require a deposit however we do require you to bring a minimum amount of people to the booking. If you have booked for 10 people you will need to bring a minimum of 8. If you were to bring 6 people to a booking of 10, we generally charge the session fee for the 2 people under the minimum.


What is Required to Play?

Everyone is required to wear enclosed shoes and a hat/cap is required to go under your headband. You can bring your own hat/cap or they are available to use onsite. You will also be required to sign up to an account and sign a waiver.


Can My Child Play?

Our minimum age for participants is 10+ however the recommended age is 13+ for unaccompanied open sessions. This is only due to the fact the equipment is designed for an adult and may be to large/bulky for smaller children. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.


I am Under 18, Do I Need a Parent/Guardian to Come Along to Sign a Waiver?

If you are under 18, a parent or guardian must sign the waiver as well as yourself. If a parent or guardian is not available at the time of the session, it is recommended that you sign up to an account and sign your waiver/log into your session prior to coming to play. As always, if you need any assistance feel free to contact us.


I Don't Have a Group of Friends to Come with Me, Can I Book Alone?

You can book anywhere from 1 to 10 people. Obviously if you book just a few people, it is usually better to pick a popular session time so you have a higher chance of it filling up. Just give us a call and we can find a suitable session!


I Have a Group that wants to Book, Can we Battle on our Own?

Sure! Our maximum amount of people in a session is 20. The minimum you will need to close out a session (play on your own) is 8. If you would like to close out a session, you will need to request this when booking. Please be aware if you bring less than 8 people to a session you have requested to be closed out, you will need to pay the session charge for the missing people.


How Long does a Session Last?

Our sessions last for 1.5 hours with just under one hour of game time. The rest of the session is for sign up/in, rules and gearing up.


How do I Access My Statistics?

You can access your statistics and book online through our portal. Just hit the sign up/sign in button on our page.


What are Real Combat Social Comps?

Every week we play a competitive social competition on weeknights. These competitions are similar to other social sports with a round robin format and points/ladder. Our social comps cost $25 per week. Our social comp members also enjoy our 'Comp Membership' with a discount to $20 in any Open Session.

If you would like more information, or to register a team, please feel free to contact us.


I Have booked a session but I need to Reschedule/Cancel, Is this possible?

The easiest way to reschedule or cancel a session is over the phone, please call 0408 186 282. Any session can be rescheduled or cancelled within 12 hours for a full session booking or within 2 hrs for a single booking